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Digital Edition of the Tipitaka, Thai Language Version 2 on CD-ROM


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It is thirteen years that Mahidol University Computing Center has consecutively developed the digital edition of theTipitaka. Initiating from the BUDSIR (BUDdhist Scriptures Information Retrieval) in 1988,the Digital Tipitaka Development Team under the Mahidol University Computing Center has dedicated themselves for the completion of the Tipitaka’s digital edition with a distinguished purpose of easily, promptly, conveniently and accurately learning the Buddha’s teaching.

The Tipitaka is the repository of the Dhamma-Vinaya, (Teaching and Discipline), the teaching of Buddhism, and is the highest scriptural authority for Buddhist teachings, beliefs, and practice.
p_trai1.gif (50416 bytes) From the success of the BUDSIR/TT; containing of 45 volumes of Thai Tipitaka, 45 volumes of Pali Tipitaka and 70 volumes of the Atthakatha (Commentary) representing 90.98 million characters, in 1998, Mahidol University Computing Center officially launched the latest version of the Tipitaka’s digital edition, BUDSIR/TT V.2, a consecutive developed project of the BUDSIR/TT, by enhancing the 53,270-word Thai-Pali dictionary on May 10, 2001. The way of searching Pali-Thai vocabulary is so simply, the user only click one of the listing vocabulary in sub-window; then, the program will display the meaning of that Pali word in Thai description together with its root.
Moreover, the advanced search is also built up in this version with the AND, OR, NOT searching command for more efficient, complicated, prompt and accurate. Not only the searching tool but also all related the Buddha’s pictures along with its illustration are added in this version such as the pictures of the Buddha history, the outstanding places in Buddhism and others. p_cdmonk.gif (36110 bytes)

The Digital Tipitaka Development Team will continuously devote themselves for the longevity of the Buddhism by enhancing the capacity of the digital Tipitaka. At this moment, the team is pleased to announce that the Tipitaka Expert System; the project of developing a computer as a Tipitaka expertise, and the computerized Pali-Thai translation project are the incoming projects.


Supachai Tangwongsan 
Mahidol University Computing Center
October 22, 2001

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