The Bodhisatta cuts off his hair and goes forth on the banks of the Anoma River; Ghatikara the Brahma offers the recluse's requisites

Prince Siddhattha, followed by Channa, rode his royal steed all through the night, greeting the dawn at the river, which bordered the three cities of Kapilavatthu, Savatthi, and Vesali. He asked Channa what the river was called, and Channa answered, "Young Prince, this river is called the River Anoma, sire."

The Prince led the horse and his page across the river, then dismounted and sat on the sand of the river bank, which was the color of silver. In his right hand he held his sword, in his left he held his top knot, which he cut with the sword, leaving only a circle of hair turning to the right, two inches long.

Having done that, he took off his royal garments and put on the yellow robe which Ghatikara Brahma had offered him together with other requisites of one gone forth. Then he made a resolution, committing himself to the life of a homeless one on the banks of the Anoma River.

He gave his garments and horse to Channa to take back to the palace and inform the King of the news. Channa loved his master. He cried and lay at his feet, not wanting to leave him, but he could not disobey his master's wishes.

The Prince, or as he is referred to in the biography from that moment on, the "Great Being," stroked the back of the horse which was going now to leave his master and go back to the city. Tears ran down the horse's face, and it licked its master's feet.

The horse and Channa, tears streaming down their faces, crossed the river and made their way back to the city, but once they had escaped the Great Being's sight, Kanthaka's heart broke into seven pieces- it had a heart attack- and it died. Channa took off the horse's rigging, placed some wild flowers on the body of the dead steed, and then proceeded to walk, carrying both his master's clothing and the horse's saddle, alone back to the city.

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