The Buddha's father hears the news of the Buddha's arrival and goes out to protest, inviting the Buddha to take the meal at the palace

That King Suddhodana went to receive the Buddha and had an audience with him at the Nigrodha Park but did not invite him to take the meal at the palace was because he simply assumed that the Buddha would eat nowhere else but the King's palace.

But when he heard the report from Princess Bimba that the Buddha together with a great number of monk disciples went not to the palace but walked instead through the streets of the town on alms round, he was greatly distressed.

The Pathamasambodhi states: "With his sash in hand, the King went down from the palace and hastily walked up to the Buddha, stopping in front of him, and said: 'Why, son, do you shame me by walking for alms? It is against the customs of our Kshatriya clan. Why do you not go for the meal at the palace?'"

The Buddha told his father that while this custom of going for alms round was not a custom of the Kshatriya clan, it was a custom of the Buddha clan. The Buddha explained that it was a custom for Buddhas and monks who had given up home for the homeless life to walk for alms round as a means of livelihood, and that alms round is the pure form of livelihood for the Buddha clan.

The Buddha told King Suddhodana that he was no longer one of the Kshatriya clan, and had ceased to be so not from the day he left the home life for homelessness, nor on the day he practiced meditation under the bodhi tree, but only when he succeeded in his endeavor, becoming an enlightened Buddha. From that moment on he became a member of the Buddha clan.

The Buddha stood and addressed the King as above, and at the end of his words King Suddhodana, standing there, attained Stream Entry. Then the King received the Buddha's bowl and invited the Buddha together with his retinue of noble disciples to enter the palace to take their meal.

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