Arriving at the sal forest in Kusinara, the Buddha has Ananda prepare a place for him to lie down between the twin sal trees

The Buddha and the company of monks journeyed to the outskirts of the town of Kusinara, arriving there in the evening. They then crossed the Hiranavati River and entered the town's park, known as Salavanodyana.

Most of the cities in the Buddha's time had groves, like today's public parks, and they were used by all the people and rulers of the city. At Rajagaha there was the park known as Latthivana, the park of the palmyra trees; Kapilavatthu, where the Buddha was born, had the Lumbini park. Kusinara had the Salavanodyana.

Salavanodyana was situated north of the city. It had two large trees known as sal trees, and the park was named after those sal trees-Salavanodyana.

Arriving at the park, the Buddha instructed Ananda to prepare a place for lying down, with his head pointing to the north. The bed was to be between the twin sal trees. The Buddha said, "I am afflicted and very tired. I wish to lie down and subdue my affliction."

Ananda made up a bed and laid a sleeping cloth on it, and the Buddha went to it and lay down, on his right side, his head pointed to the north, his feet lying beside each other, establishing mindfulness and clear comprehension on taking his "seyyavasana" (his last sleep), also known as "anuthanaseyya," the "lying down from which there is no rising. "

The Pathamasambodhi states: "At that time, it was not the season for blossoms, but the twin sal trees blossomed profusely from their roots right up to their tops, and on every branch. And those sal flowers fell down as offerings to the Buddha. Magical heavenly mandarava flowers, sandal powder and perfumes fell from the sky, and celestial music was heard, a great fanfare in honor of the Buddha before his passing away."

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