Timeless is this law of Karma,

Expounded by Our Lord Buddha.

It is the doctrine without flaw,

Being absolute, cosmic Law.

        Never is there within cosmos,

Any Karma that can be lost.

Always dogging evil-doer,

Is one's evil Karma, as 'twere.

        For those who have done good unseen,

They should always remain serene.

There should not be any regret,

For there can't be any 'bad debt'.

        The business that's profitable,

With prospect for high potential.

Is to rid mind of its own scum,

By doing what'ver is wholesome.

        Merit is what brightens the mind,

After the scum's been left behind.

It's sure to work spontaneously,

There is no loss : this a guarantee.

        Karma is compared to learning,

Vipaka is knowledge occurring.

Phala is something like degree

For all other people to see.

        Vipaka's embedded within,

One's own mind, - - both merit and sin

Phala can't always be certain,

Since on others it must depend.

        Such is called Karmic Vipaka,

Unlike outside, mundane Phala.

There is no need for one to wait,

For others to appreciate.

        Merit produces high reward,

Indelible on tape record.

In one's mind as Noble Treasure,

For both the here and hereafter.

        Although unseen, unsung, unknown,

The seeds of merit have been sown.

Its fruits are indestructible,

No loss is there for Wealth Noble.

        The least one gets them here, the best,

For one can reap 'compound interest,

From 'capital' one deposits,

Later with substantial profits.

        The seeds of trees go bad and rot,

But those of Karma just cannot.

They can wait, no matter how long,

Their potential is always strong.

        Let us, therefore, put our 'savings',

In this Dhamma Bank outstanding.

With such a prudent savoir-faire,

We're sure to be Dhamma Millionaire.

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