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    This demonstration program of BUDSIR for Windows is free for distribution, you can download it by clicking the button below, then install it and see how the BUDSIR software works in your computer.
    Please note that, the demo program here is just a miniature of the original BUDSIR, it contains only some portions of data, approximately 2 MB in 2 volumes:

Tipitaka : Book Number 22, pages 1-48   Atthakatha : Book Number 16, pages 1-24

compared to 78 MB of total size in 115 volumes of BUDSIR. However, we hope that even with this mini version, it would be able to show you the capability of the BUDSIR program somehow.
For further information, kindly write to us via the following address:

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  budsir@mahidol.ac.th  or ccstw@mahidol.ac.th

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   Click the button download for downloading. Then install the program into your computer.

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