Break out the funds to spread Dhamma to let Faithful Trust flow,

Broadcast majestic Dhamma to radiate long living joy.

Release unexcelled Dhamma to tap the spring of Virtue,

Let safely peaceful delight flow like a cool mountain stream.

Dhamma leaves of many years sprouting anew, reaching out,

To unfold and bloom in the Dhamma Centers of all towns.

To spread lustrous Dhamma and in hearts glorified plant it,

Before long, weeds of sorrow, pain, and affliction will flee.

As Virtue revives and resounds throughout Thai society,

All hearts feel certain love toward those born, ageing, and dying.

Congratulations and Blessings to all Dhamma Comrades,

You who share Dhamma to widen the people's prosperous joy.

Heartiest appreciation from Buddhada.gif (845 bytes)sa Indapannn.gif (73 bytes)nnn.gif (73 bytes)o,

Buddhist Science ever shines beams of Bodhi longlasting.

In grateful service, fruits of merit and wholesome successes,

Are all devoted in honor to Lord Father Buddha.

Thus may the Thai people be renowned for their Virtue,

May perfect success through Buddhist Science awaken their hearts.

May the King and His Family live long in triumphant strength,

May joy long endure throughout this our world upon earth.


Buddhada.gif (845 bytes)sa

Mokkhabala.gif (845 bytes)ra.gif (845 bytes)ma

Chaiya, November 2, 1987


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