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wpe21.jpg (2142 bytes)Around B.E. 224, during the reign of King Asoka, Buddhism was at its peak of prosperity, with the San.gif (66 bytes)gha well patronized and the Bhikkhus abundantly supported and cared for. This inevitably resulted in the heretics i.e. the monks of other traditions masquerading as Bhikkhus and exploiting the King's and the people's faith and reverence. Once again the Dhamma was distorted and perverted to suit the purposes of those heretics. And as before the third Synod or General Council of the san.gif (66 bytes)gha was convened in about B.E. 225 at the Monastery of Asoka.gif (845 bytes)ra.gif (845 bytes)ma, in the city of Pa.gif (845 bytes)tali.gif (57 bytes)putta, with King Asoka as the supreme patron. Through the concerted efforts of all concerned, the Synod was a success in bequeathing to posterity the genuine Dhamma rid of polluted elements.

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