The birth and ev'lution of life,
Where this planet Earth is concerned.
Is a Series of endless strifes,
This is what we so far have learned.
        Life is composed of Name-and-Form,
Both being called Nama-Rupa.
This is the Buddhist Law-and-Norm,
Expounded by our Lord Buddha.
        The Formulas for this are called,
Dependent Origination.
Cov'ring the Name-and-Forrn in all,
Levels of various dimensions,
        One is 'There being Consciousness,
There is Sankhara' –what's called Will.
Henceforth begins the chain endless,
Like momentum running downhill.
        Within this endless chain-cycle,
Dragged on by self-created 'wire'.
Are sentient beings bemuddled,
Drugged and doped through their own desire.
        This also true the other way round,
''Where there is Will, there's Consciousness.''
It too by our Lord Buddha found,
Being just like the lofty crest,
        Transcending all planes in cosmos,
Including all levels of life.
Detecting tricks of Troyan horse,
Abandoning Aggregates Five.
        Thus this supports the survival,
Of what is called Karmic effects.
In realms that are invisible,
This truth we can't flatly reject.
        Intangible as they appear,
There are more things than meet the eyes.
This as long as we are sincere.
Their existence we can't deny.
        The Lord Buddha had seen and known,
These truths through his Insight supreme.
How fruits of Karma being sown,
Cannot be lost in cosmic scheme.
        Such is the pinnacle of truth,
Being thereby the peak highest.
Not relative, it's absolute,
In Buddhism it's 'Mount Everest'.

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