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Mahidol University Computing Center (MUCC) willingly distributes
the BUDSIR software at the following rates:

BUDSIR IV for Windows (Romanized Pali version)
Type Unit Price (US$)


For personal use



For organization or institute use $250.00


For those who bring a BUDSIR
previous version for upgrading


Please add US$ 20 for shipping.

The software package contains:  
  1. Installation program ad user manual CD (Disc 1).
  2. The data CD (Disc 2).
  3. A user's manual of BUDSIR IV for Windows program.
  4. A sealed slip containung your password to the BUDSIR IV for Windows program.
  5. Registration card.
  6. License agreement.
Minimum system requirements  

To successfully use the BUDSIR IV for Windows program, your computer system must meet or exeed the following configuation:


  1. PC, Pentium IV with the speed of 2.4 GHz or higher.
  2. At least 256 MB of RAM.
  3. SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  4. CD-ROM drive, 48X or higher speed.
  5. 40 GB Hard disk with at least 1 GB of free space (for collating results).
  6. Laser printer or Ink-jet printer.
  7. Sound card (16 bit Sound Blaster compatible or better) and speakers.


  1. MS-Windows XP or later.
  2. Sound on board driver or sound card driver (optional).

 *** For those who are in North/South America or Europe, please be acknowledged that we no longer appoint any agency to be our BUDSIR distributor. Worldwide orders please contact Mahidol University Computing Center directly.***

Please send me the BUDSIR program at the following address:

Name :

Address :

Country :

E-mail :

Tel. :

Fax :

Please pick your choice to order and complete this form.

BUDSIR IV for Windows (Romanized Pali version)
US$ 125 + 20 QTY =  
US$ 250 + 20 QTY =  
US$ 50 + 20  with  a return of the BUDSIR CD 
      in previous version
QTY =  

I am enclosing a bank cheque/draft amount of US$ made payable to BUDSIR PROJECT.

For worldwide orders, please send this order form and your payment to:

The Director of BUDSIR Project
Mahidol University Computing Center
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University
Rama VI Road, Bangkok 10400
E-mail :

To submit the order, press this button :

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  Please allow one week for processing.