History of Thayakorn Award

Mahidol University was established over 100 years ago as the College of Medicine based at Siriraj Hospital. Since then, there have been tens of thousands of alumni who have studied in many disciplines such as medicine, nursing and public health programs, dentistry, sciences, pharmacology, biotechnology, etc. In the history and development of Mahidol University, many Mahidol University alumni have been known for being moral and virtuous professionals who are well-accepted in society. Some have even earned high rankings as government officials, educators, or workers in private companies. Many have also excelled in other careers such as business administration and politics. The Mahidol University Alumni Association, which was founded in 1991, has made honoring successful alumni a priority. These distinguished alumni become legends and role models for future generations and for the general public. Handing out the Mahidol-Thayakorn Award to special alumni of the College of Medicine and Mahidol University began in 1992, partly in honor of the auspicious 60th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.

The qualifications for the Mahidol-Thayakorn Award differ from year to year. In 2003, the administration of the Mahidol University Alumni Association under The Royal Patronage Of His Majesty The King made the following official:


1. The award shall honor Mahidol University alumni who are moral and virtuous in their professions.

2. The award shall encourage other Mahidol University alumni to do good deeds and offer scholarly expertise to society and the nation.

3. The award shall promote the development of standards of Mahidol University students in all fields of studies.

Qualifications for Nominees

1. The nominee must be an alumnus or alumnae of the College of Medicine or Mahidol University, under the age of 40 years, without regard to any current association to Mahidol University.

2. The nominee must be successful and well-accepted by society and a good role model for current students.

3. The nominee must not be a government official working for Mahidol University or an administrator of Mahidol University.

Qualifications for the Winners

1. The nominee must be a recognizable alumnus or alumnae in his or her profession or society; his or her achievements must be publicly and widely accepted.

2. The nominee must exhibit exceptional behavior and live under strong moral principles both personally and professionally. He or she must also be a good role model for society.

The Selection Process

The nominee must possess one or more of the following criteria:

1. Be an accomplished expert or employee.
2. Be able to maintain a high-standard of living.
3. Be successful in service to the community.
4. Be a contributor to society.

Recipients and Profiles

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Mahidol Thayakorn Recipients

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