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Southeast Asian Music Museum (SE-AM Museum)


Southeast Asian Music Museum is a place for collecting music history of the country which is stories in the past that would create wisdom for people in the present. Objectives of the museum are to collect musical instrument, roles of music that relate to society, and sound of Thai, folk, and Southeast Asian musical instruments. The construction of the museum was started in 2009, and it will be finished in 2012.

Music Museum is an advance indicator of society. Music is what society is, and society is what music is. Since music is an expression of feeling and thought (feel the present and believe in whatever will be, think of the proud past, and think of the hopeful future) from one’s mind, beautiful clear sound, and clean music from a clean mind. Moreover, music is garment of a wise man. Music makes one’s mind to be clean, so music is a cover of a wise man’s mind.

Music Museum is a way to bring the past to serve the present. To see the past by looking through music museum, we need a technology for helping us to see the past clearer. Also, music museum is a way to create beautiful atmosphere that can connect with one’s mind by music.

Since music is a sound of power, a sound of energy, creates movement, movement creates change, and change develops society. The more it changes, the more it develops. Music museum is a stage which is open for ancient music, traditional music, folk music, community music, and Southeast Asian music. Since there is no modern music museum in this region, Thailand is the first country that would be able to collect researches, and establish a music museum that displays roles and potential of the region. A good music museum means its displays cover all the objectives, and serves all of the knowledge, has all kinds of musical instruments in Southeast Asia, has sounds of every musical instrument inside the museum, and has music that serves way of life, roles of music instrument to community and society. Activities that will be organized in the museum are musical instrument exhibition, teaching, training, and seminar on musical instrument, musical sound, and musicians in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the museum would be open for music students who study world music to come and study in a short term or a long term by registering, in order to introduce the knowledge to other regions.


Area of the music museum is 19,000 square meter. The museum was built in a 5-Rai pond. The construction will be finished in 3 years and a half. Four hundred millions baht budget will be spent for construction, equipments, and musical instruments for the best music museum in the region. Inside the museum, there will be a stage for folk music that you can make videos, in order to keep or publish.




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