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Congratulations to (Prof. Dr. Wanpen Chaicumpa) on Receiving Distinguished research professor grant 2010 from the Thailand Research Fund

Mahidol University would like to congratulate Prof. Dr. Wanpen Chaicumpa Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital on receiving Distinguished Research Professor Grant 2010. This research grant will fund the research projects, “Production of therapeutic antibodies for Hepatitis C virus and construction of a minibody/Nano-Body phage display library”. Furthermore, the University will also support additional research fund for 3 years with grant of no less than one million Baht per year, a total of three million Baht per research project. This great achievement truly earns recognition.
Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Wanpen Chaicumpa

Post Date : February 8, 2010

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