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Bankok Noi Fact Sheet
A compact campus of 28 acres (12 hectares), Bangkok Noi Campus is the location of the original medical school attached to Siriraj Hospital, founded by H.M. King Chulalongkorn the Great in 1890, that expanded over time into the multi-disciplinary academic institution known today as Mahidol University. Located on the west bank of the grand Chao Phraya River as it makes a wide turn on its way to the Gulf of Thailand, Bangkok Noi Campus enjoys a relatively temperate and quiet setting in the tropical and at-times hectic urban landscape of Bangkok. The academic focus remains medical in nature, revolving around the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital complex and the Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Medical Technology.
Library Facilities
The computer-based Mahidol University Library and Information Network links the Central Library and 10 branch libraries of the Mahidol University Library and Information Center. Bangkok Noi Campus houses a branch library i.e. Faculty of Medical Technology Library and Faculty of Nursing Library. In addition, Siriraj Medical Library, which has the largest collection of medical and public health books and periodicals in Thailand, is also located here. All staff and students can gain access to all library facilities by showing their Mahidol identity card. Information on all library opening hours and resources can be found on the website www.li.mahidol.ac.th.

Sport and Recreation Facilities
The campus houses an indoor gymnasium with badminton courts and basketball court. Tennis courts and swimming pools are also available for staff and students.
On campus, Siriraj Bookstore near the Siriraj Medical Library sells textbooks and student supplies. An outlet of Nai-in Bookstore, a famous Thai bookstore chain offering varities of Thai books, magazines and gifts, was also recently opened on campus. Shopping for other items is available in the large commercial districts just off-campus, and a little further away in the Pinklao area, which houses the Pata Department Store, Central Plaza, and Major Cineplex shopping complexes.
Inexpensive campus cafeterias serve Thai rice and noodle dishes. There are also many restaurants and eating places in and around the campus as well, ranging from inexpensive drink and noodle stalls, to Western-style fast food restaurants such as KFC, to street stalls and sit-down Thai restaurants. A large number of restaurants serving different cuisines such as Indian and Italian are available in the Banglumphoo area catering to foreign tourists just across the river from Bangkok Noi Campus.
Student Services
Post -- A post office on campus on the underground floor of the Outpatient Building on Arun Amarin Road offers standard services including overseas parcel delivery and express mail.
Banking -- On campus, Siam Commercial Bank offers a full range of services, including foreign currency and traveler's check exchange. Branches of the Thai Military Bank and the Saving Bank are also within a short walking distance. Several ATMs are conveniently located on or near campus as well.
Computers and Internet -- Each academic department on Bangkok Noi Campus has its own computer lab, and computers with Internet connections are available in campus libraries.

Students pay a 300 baht per semester computer fee as part of their registration fees for Internet and Intranet access and a 10-megabyte email account (although in certain programs this fee must be paid separately). Contract staff can pay 600 baht for a 6-month email account with 25 megabyte of storage space, while visiting staff lacking a contract pay 250 baht per month. To open an account, contact Mahidol University Computing Center (MUCC) in person or by mail at:

  Mahidol University Computing Center
Faculty of Science, Phayathai Campus
Mahidol University Rama 6 Rd, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND
Telephone: (0) 2354-4333 Fax: (0) 2354-7333
Applications may also be made on Salaya Campus at the computer lab in the Office of the President building. Students must provide a copy of their registration invoice, and staff a copy of their employment contract (or an appropriate document certifying visiting staff status). A Mahidol University identification card must be shown to use the computer labs. MUCC also provides free computer training to account holders, although only in Thai. More details are available on MUCC's website at www.cc.mahidol.ac.th.
Health Care -- All staff and students are covered by the Mahidol health insurance plan for treatment at Mahidol’s three hospitals -- Siriraj Hospital at Bangkok Noi Campus, and Ramathibodi Hospital and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases at Phayathai Campus. Additional medical services are also available at the Dental Clinic at the Faculty of Dentistry on Phayathai Campus and the Golden Jubilee Medical Center on Salaya Campus. Students can also visit the Student Health Center on Bangkok Noi Campus on the 4th floor of the Outpatient Department building.

General information about using university health care services can be found in the ‘Health Care' section of the 'Guidebook for International Students and Staff at Mahidol University'.

This section describes public transportation options to and from Phayathai Campus. General information about using transportation in Bangkok can be found in the ‘Transportation’ section of the 'Guidebook for International Students and Staff at Mahidol University'.

Public transportation is widely available to and from Bangkok Noi Campus due to its central location. The blue-colored No. 81 bus (8 baht) runs from the campus on Arun Amarin Road on a short ride to Pinklao Bridge, where you can transfer to many other bus lines to most parts of the city. Taxis and tuk-tuks are plentiful in the streets around campus. The Express River Ferry is very convenient at Wanglang Pier ('Tha Wanglang') just at the southeast corner of campus on the riverbank. 3.5-baht river-crossing ferries are also available here, crossing either to Tha Prachan near Thammasat University and Sanam Luang, or Tha Chang near Silpakorn University and the Grand Palace.

[... further information at the website of Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) ... ]

There are numerous accommodation options available at the Bangkok Noi Campus, both on- and off-campus, including dormitories, shared housing, private apartments and boarding houses. Some options are listed in the following table (*Note: In the phone numbers listed below, (66) is the country code for Thailand. The (0) only needs to be dialed if calling from within the country).
Room Rate
Faculty of Medicine,
Siriraj Hospital
Mahidol University
Pran Nok Rd.,
Bangkok Noi
Bangkok 10700
Tel: (66) (0) 2419-7595
600 Bt./Day (for alumni), 1,000 Bt./Day (non-alumni)


Standard accessories, own toilet /shower.
10 Arun Amarin Rd.
Bangkok Noi
Bangkok 10700
Tel: (66) (0) 2434-1348-9

Single 7,500 Bt./Month
Standard accessories, own toilet/shower, refrigerator, telephone.
7/322 Baromrajchonnee Rd.
Bangkok Noi
Bangkok 10700
Tel: (66) (0) 2884-9280-9

3 months minimum
1 Bedroom / 2 Residents,
2 Bedroom / 3 Residents,
Additional resident
1,000 Bt./Month

23,000 Bt./Month

15,000 Bt./Month

Bed, mattress, wardrobe, dressing desk, dining table, sofa, curtain, satellite TV, complete kitchen, stove, refrigerator, water heater.

Wardrobe, curtain, kitchen, water heater

Pinkeaw Apartment 120/5 Arunamarin Rd.
Bangkok Noi,
Bangkok 10700
Tel. (66) (0) 2882-3456
4,500 – 5,000 Bt./Month
Standard accessories, own toilet
Baromrajchonnee Rd.
Bang Bumrue
Bangkok 10700
Tel: (66) (0) 2434-9107
Air Conditioned
4,200 Bt./Month

Fan (Furnished)
3,600 Bt./Month

Fan (Unfurnished)
400 Bt./Day,
3,200 Bt./Month

Own toilet/shower, standard accessories.
Sivalai Place
168 Isaraphab Soi 33 Isaraphab rd
Thra Pra Bangkok-Yai Bangkok 10600
Tel: (66) (0) 2412-4000
ext 201, 205, 222
44 120 m2
12,00028,000 Bt./Month
Kitchen Area, Dining Area, Hot & Cold water, Telephone, Elevator , Car Parking, Swimming Pool, Fitness Room
When searching for an apartment, note the following:
Rent -- Average monthly rent is about 2000-4000 baht for a 20 - 30 square meter, furnished single room with air conditioning, bathroom and perhaps a balcony. Most apartments require an advance deposit of one or two months' rent.
Security -- Although most apartment buildings have security guards, it pays to be extra careful. In addition to a built-in lock, most apartment doors have a metal ring for an extra padlock that should definitely be used.
Telephone --Telephone service varies from place to place, though a surcharge of 100 baht per month is standard. Most apartments do not have a direct line; individual calls usually cost a 5 baht flat rate and often have a time limit, about 10 minutes on average. Calls to mobile phones and long distance cost more. International calls are often not possible in apartments, but they can be made at international public phone booths and post offices.

By contrast, on a direct line calls usually cost 3 baht per local or mobile call with no time limit. A direct line is necessary to access the Internet. Another option is to buy a mobile phone, which is very popular in Thailand. Using a mobile often reduces telephone costs. Note that mobile phones purchased outside Thailand may not work on our local networks.

Utilities -- Most apartment buildings will add a surcharge to the electricity bill of about 5 baht per unit. Avoid places that charge more, as the electricity bill can be very high if air-conditioning is used regularly. Expect to pay around 600 baht per month for electricity (without excessive air-conditioning) and around 100 baht per month for water. A cost-saving option in this regard is to buy a fan (about 500 to 700 baht).
Laundry -- Building laundry services are common, rather than coin-operated washing machines. Many private services are also available, charging by item or a flat rate per month, which can be more economical. Apartment services are usually more expensive. Note that hand washing is common for many Thais, and clothes dry very fast under the Bangkok sun.
Furnishings -- The definition of ‘fully furnished’ varies widely. A good fully furnished room provides a bed, telephone, desk, chairs, wardrobe, and possibly a refrigerator, television or cable service, sometimes with English language stations. Avoid unfurnished apartments for short stays; new furniture is somewhat expensive and quality used furniture hard to find.
Students can get assistance finding accommodation from the Division of Student Affairs in the Office of the President, the International Relations Section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (for postgraduate students), or the relevant department's Student Service Unit. Staff can generally receive personal assistance from their colleagues if necessary.
Reference : Guidebook for International Staff and Students by International Relations Division


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