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Academic staff is classified by academic ranks -- appointments that acknowledge faculty members’ or university employees’ expertise, moral and ethical standards in teaching, research, and academic performance. The appointment takes into account a person’s qualifications for the specified position, knowledge, teaching skills, academic works and integrity, and observance of ethical principles , in quantitative as well as qualitative terms that demonstrate academic achievements in that particular field.

Academic ranks for full-time faculty

  • Professor

  • Associate Professor

  • Assistant Professor

Academic ranks for part-time faculty

  • Part-time Professor

  • Part-time Associate Professor

  • Part-time Assistant Professor

Academic rank for clinical faculty – Clinical professor
          Academic ranks for foreign faculty
who are invited to teach at the university

  • Visiting Professor

  • Visiting Associate Professor

  • Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Visiting Lecturer

Chair Professor is an honorary position granted to a faculty member highly respected for his/her scholarship, knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Academic ranks for researchers who are university employees

  • Researcher Level 1

  • Researcher Level 2

  • Researcher Level 3

Request for the appointments of academic ranks
There are two categories of requests for the appointment of academic ranks..

  • Normal request is made by a person whose qualifications meet the criteria specified for the position.

  • Special request is made by a person whose qualifications do not conform to the criteria, e.g. holding the position for a duration shorter than specified, seeking a promotion that passes over the next higher rank or switching to another field.

Note : The above procedures do not apply to the appointment of chair professors and of academic ranks for foreign faculty.

Procedures for the appointment of a professor

  • After the University Council approves the appointment of a professor, the university addresses a written notification to the Office of the Higher Education Commission, which adds its opinion on the request and present it to the Minister of Education, who in turn forward it to the Prime Minister, who respectfully informs His Majesty the King for royal approval.

  • The Office of the Higher Education Commission sends a letter informing the university of the royal approval of the appointment.

  • The university issues an order for the appointment and informs Screening Committee on Academic Appointments for acknowledgement at the University Council’s meeting.




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