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R & D in Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Innovation in Cancer Drug Delivery System



Dr.Norased Na – Songkhla, Ph.D.

Faculty of Engineering Mahidol University

Dr.Norased Na – Songkhla, Ph.D., Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Mahidol University said that “Drug delivery system (DDS) is a growing field of research. It can improve the life of many people. Over 500 million people are using them which cause over 200 billion US dollar per year. Research projects that are under investigation in Dr. Norased lab or BioNEDD lab involve the development of DDS that can be delivered to cancer cells through many routes. The aim of BioNEDD lab is to produce very high quality research and publication. BioNEDD facility comprise of polymer synthesis, different kinds of DDS fabrication, drug release study setup. Locating just opposite to Salaya Central Instrument facility, this makes BioNEDD lab to be the good place to conduct a good quality research.

DDSs developed in BioNEDD lab are designed so that they can be implanted into the tumor such as polymer rod and polymer gel. Some are injected into the vein. Using polymers open up a lot of exciting area of research. We can say that plastic is polymer. “In my lab, we design and synthesize different kinds of polymers for medical applications.”




Different approaches will be used depending on the state of cancer. For example, if one tumor in the beginning state is found, it can be treated by intratumoral implantation. If cancer is in the later state which cancer cells are spread to other organs, it can be treated by injecting nanoparticles containing anticancer drugs into blood stream or combination between intratumoral implantation and nanoparticles. “There are very challenging things that I am working on is that Can we use these DDS as therapeutic and Diagnostic in one DDS. This is very exciting area and will be approached by nanoparticles. I hope that cancer patients will have very effective and safe therapy to cure cancer.”

Post Date : May 9, 2011

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