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Mahidol University Homepage www@mahidol.ac.th

Faculty of Liberal Arts arwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Dentistry dtwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Engineering egwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies enwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Graduate Studies grwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology itwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Medical Technology mtwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital rawww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital siwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Nursing nswww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Pharmacy phwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Physical Therapy ptwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Public Health phwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Science scwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities shwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Tropical Medicine tmwww@mahidol.ac.th
Faculty of Veterinary Science vswww@mahidol.ac.th


ASEAN Institute for Health Development adwww@mahidol.ac.th
Institute for Innovative Learning liwww@mahidol.ac.th
Institute of Molecular Biosciences stwww@mahidol.ac.th
Institute of Nutrition nuwww@mahidol.ac.th
Institute for Population and Social Research prwww@mahidol.ac.th
National Institute for Child and Family Development cfwww@mahidol.ac.th
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia lcwww@mahidol.ac.th


College of Management cmwww@mahidol.ac.th
College of Music mswww@mahidol.ac.th
College of Religious Studies crwww@mahidol.ac.th
College of Sports Science and Technology sswww@mahidol.ac.th
Mahidol University International College icwww@mahidol.ac.th
Ratchasuda College rswww@mahidol.ac.th


Center for Human Rights Studies and Social Development admin@ humanrights-mnu.org
Center for Intellectual Property Management ipwww@mahidol.ac.th
Contemplative Education Center cewww@mahidol.ac.th
Golden Jubilee Medical Center gjwww@mahidol.ac.th
Mahidol University Wisdom Application Center dircopwa@mahidol.ac.th
National Doping Control Centre dcwww@mahidol.ac.th
National Laboratory Animal Centre nlacwww@mahidol.ac.th
Research Center for Peace Building peace@mahidol.ac.th
Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center liwww@mahidol.ac.th

Provincial Campuses  

Mahidol University Amnaj Charoen Campus  
Mahidol University Kanchanaburi Campus kawww@mahidol.ac.th
Mahidol University Nakhonsawan Campus nkwww@mahidol.ac.th


Office of the President opwww@mahidol.ac.th
Office of the University Council ucoffice@mahidol.ac.th
Mahidol University Faculty Senate  

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