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“SIFE” Mahidol University From Knowledge in Classrooms to Sustain Community Development

“SIFE” or Students in Free Enterprise

      “SIFE” or Students in Free Enterprise is a non-profit global organization which has been established in 1973, in the USA. It gives an opportunity to 1,500 teams of undergraduate students from 40 countries around the world to show their knowledge of business and economics, so as to teach business administration skills to individuals or communities which are in trouble. Students in the project will have an opportunity to improve various skills, such as administration, leadership, teamwork, communication, and the most important thing – let the students know how to apply their knowledge, in order to improve economic potential in the community.
      Mahidol University has joined SIFE under the name “SIFE” Mahidol University, and has been doing the project since 2008. It is led by a team of students from International College, Mahidol University. The team consists of 50 students, and the team advisor, Dr. Chairawee Anamthawat-Kierig, Head of International Business Program, Business Administration Division, International College, Mahidol University. She has received Faculty Advisor of the Year Award two years in a row – in 2008 and in 2009, and received fund to go watching SIFE World Cup Competition in Singapore and Germany, respectively. :: More detial here


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