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Mahidol University has three campuses in the Bangkok metropolitan area: the large suburban campus at Salaya in nearby Nakhon Pathom province, and two inner city campuses in Bangkok Noi and Phayathai in the Bangkok area, in addition to a downtown high-rise office site for the College of Management.

There are also provincial campuses in Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Sawan and Amnaj Charoen provinces. Mahidol's campuses are electronically linked by a state-of-the-art computer network which provides academic, research and administrative computing services to the various departments of the university and to all staff and students.

Further information about Mahidol Campuses

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Campus is the hub of the Mahidol University Library and Information Center (MULIC), which contains an extensive collection of over 1,100,000 books, theses, research reports and bound journals, 1,500 printed journals, 15,000 electronic journals, 16,000 electronic books, as well as 800 audiovisual materials in both Thai and English. The Central Library has hundreds of computer terminals and multimedia viewingLibrary equipment; a full range and specialized services including online reference services, multi-database searching and document delivery services.

There are 10 branch libraries in the MULIC system located in different academic departments on each campus, all connected to the Central Library by the computer database MULINET. The branch libraries maintain extensive book, journal and textbook collections in their field of study and offer a full range of library services, including CD-ROM and database searching and interlibrary loans. Other Faculties and Institutes maintain smaller libraries relating to their discipline, including the Siriraj Medical Library, which houses the largest collection of medical and public health books and periodicals in Thailand.

Computer Facilities
Mahidol University, through the Mahidol University Computing Center (MUCC), provides computing services and communication infrastructure for academic, research and administrative purposes to all students and staff including Internet and Intranet services, remote access, multimedia courseware, digital library access, video-conferencing and Intra-Phone services. Mahidol University Campus Network, MUC-Net, links five campuses of Phayathai, Siriraj, Salaya, Kanchanaburi and Nakhon Sawan together with a high speed gigabit network. The university campus network accommodates at least 500 local area networks and interconnects more than 350 servers and 10,000 PC clients. In addition, students and staff can easily gain wireless access to the Internet via the MU-Wifi Network using the university Internet account. Moreover, MUCC also houses the university high performance computing resources (MU-HPC) providing the researchers with the high computing power including the connection to the computing facility at the Thai National Grid Center.

Every student receives a personal account upon the complete enrollment to gain 24 hours access to the Internet, email service, remote access, multimedia courseware, digital library and IP-TV. In addition, students also have privilege to use the computers from several computer laboratories on each campus.

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Sport Facilities
Mahidol University offers a wide range of modern and well-equipped sport facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports at all campuses, including swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts and indoor gymnasiums. At Salaya Campus in particular, the College of Sport Science and Technology has 5 swimming pools (one Olympic-sized) and a fitness center with weight training equipment, sauna and aerobics available for use. Additional sport facilities include tennis courts, petanque courts, soccer fields and large indoor stadiums for basketball, volleyball and other indoor sports. Students are encouraged to take part in both competitive sports and physical exercise.
Health Care

Mahidol University is one of a few universities in the world with 3 Faculties of Medicine providing professional medical treatment up to the quaternary care level for the public. Our staff and students are covered by the University health insurance plan, applicable for treatment at any of the University’s three first-class hospitals: Siriraj Hospital on Bangkok Noi Campus, or Ramathibodi Hospital or the Hospital for Tropical Diseases on Phayathai Campus.

Additional medical services are now available at the Golden Jubilee Medical Center on Salaya Campus. Specialized dental care is also available at the Dental Clinic at the Faculty of Dentistry on Phayathai Campus. Students and staff should pay at the time of treatment and then ask for reimbursement later. Eight Student Health Centers staffed by nursing personnel, with scheduled visiting hours by medical doctors, offer treatment for basic medical problems free of charge at various Faculties in the three Bangkok-area campuses.

Mahidol University has several dormitories at each campus, primarily intended for undergraduate students. Certain Faculties, such as Medicine and Nursing, Mahidol University International College, the Institute for Population and Social Research and the ASEAN Institute for Health Development, have dormitories reserved for their students. Several condominiums have also been constructed at Salaya Campus recently.

Affordable off campus housing is widely available in the Bangkok metropolitan area, with numerous options including shared housing, private flats, or boarding houses. Interested students and staff should contact the relevant Faculty, Institute or College to reserve accommodation according to their needs, as soon as possible after all relevant arrangements and travel plans are finalized. More information about on- and off- campus accommodation is available at the International Relations Division as well as International Relations Unit or the Student Service Unit of relevant Faculties, Institutes or Colleges.

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Culture and Entertainment
Mahidol University also offers a good chance for our students to socialise and find like-minded people. Various student clubs in numerous athletic, cultural, religious, and artistic areas are centered on the Student Union Complex at Salaya Campus. A diverse range of social and cultural activities and events sponsored by the University or individual Faculties, Institutes and Colleges are organized throughout the year, ranging from seminars, exhibitions on various academic and cultural themes, to arts exhibitions, to inter-Faculty and intramural student sport competitions. In particular, the College of Music at the Salaya Campus holds regular concerts, including those by world-renowned musicians. Various Faculties, Institutes and Colleges also house student clubs catering to a diverse academic and cultural interests which also arrange activities year-round.

Many of the city’s attractions including entertainment venues and popular shopping districts are easily and inexpensively accessible by public transportation from the three Bangkok-area campuses.

Services for International Staff and Students

Mahidol University provides a wide range of services to help our international students and staff to settle into life on campus and enjoy their time in Thailand.

  Airport Pick-up Service
  Orientation Program
  Other General Assistance
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