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The 3D Sign Language Innovation


Ratchasuda College of Mahidol University

Ratchasuda College of Mahidol University has offered an undergraduate program for the disabled, the first and only such program in Thailand. Mahidol academics have also produced innovative learning tools that include 3D Sign Language Innovation is a software tool designed to support a communicative device and service between hearing people and people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HH) by transforming the sign movement into text and vice versa. This can help D/HH people access information more easily, which can improve their quality of life. The innovation developed for enhancing the potential of hearing impaired persons in this study consisted of the development of fingers spelling on Thai alphabets, consonants, vowels and English alphabets which are the essential components of Thai Sign Language (ThSL). The 3D finger spelling of Thai signs will help D/HH people in their communication. It can also be data base of vocabularies in ThSL and can be used as teaching media for the beginners who want to learn ThSL. Moreover, 3D Sign Language Innovation assumes the role of a human giving instruction and feedback or communication word with facial expression to form a simulated human bond with the avatars. This innovation has been designed in such a way to facilitate the task for the D/HH people and to make sure that they are able to make use of 3D Sign Language as intended and with a minimum effort to learn how to use it and self-paced communication tool easier.


Post Date : May 9, 2011

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