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Mahidol University Award for Outstanding Innovation 2008 goes to Dr.Duangjai Nakhapreecha, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science for Gasohol Detection Kit




Department of Chemistry congratulates Dr.Duangjai Nakhapreecha who received Mahidol University Award 2008. This award was announced by the President of Mahidol University, Clinical Professor Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, M.D., on June 4th, 2008. A total of 9 awards were announced, and among them, Outstanding Award in the field of Chemistry was awarded to Asst. Prof.Duangjai Nakhapreecha and colleagues for the development of gasohol detection kits. Two gasohol detection kits are 1) Gasohol meter (Model: Innova-Eth 06), which is appropriate for lab use, and 2) Siam Gasohol Kit (SG-Kit), which is suited for measurement in mobile lab. The two instruments will determine whether the ethanol level in the fuel is at the standard concentration or not. The ethanol concentration is critical, because it correlates with the octane degree. The aim is to ensure the quality of the gasohol fuel.

Interested by the media
Follow the press conference, the media were very much interested in this innovation. The press publicized this news in the afternoon and evening of that same day as well as publishes the news in various newspapers for 3 weeks after the press conference. The TV shows and auto-magazine also conducted special interview and wrote columns.

Invitation to the public and private sector to use
SG-Kit for mobile unit received particular interest, since it can analyze the result rapidly (in 2 min). It is also the first innovation in the world that can read the result accurately and precisely. The kit is small, easy to use, and on-the-go, which makes it suited for mobile inspection unit. If the public sector such as Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy and private fuel producer use this kit, it is anticipated that this instrument will increase the confident of the user toward the gasohol quality. The SG-Kit could be used to control the quality of every type of gasohol, starting from E10 and E20, which is already in use, up to E85, which will come in use in the near future.

Research team
Asst. Prof.Duangjai Nakhapreecha stated that this research is a collaborative effort among faculty members and students and private sector (. ҧ͡Ż ӡѴ), that was launched in 2005. The SG-Kit also received major push from new faculty member like Dr.Kanjana Uraisinth, an analytical chemist, which made the product succeeded in the ready-to-use form. This collaborative project set up laboratory called FIRST Labs, having a few new faculty members from Srinakarinwirot University, King Mongkut Institute of Technology North Bangkok, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Burapha University, Ubonratchatani University, and alumni of . who is currently a researcher in United States, all of whom participated in the research. The product is of interest and beneficial to the society. It reflects the genuine research outcome that resulted from applying analytical chemistry knowledge.

Research funding
This development is a type of innovation that was started from basic research. The funding came from 3 sources: 1) Thailand Research Fund (TRF), 2) Center for Innovation in Chemistry : Postgraduate Education and Research Program in Chemistry (PERCH-CIC), and 3) Bangkok High Lab Co., LTD

For more information
If you are interested in SG-Kit, please contact Asst. Prof.Duangjai Nakhapreecha at 02-201-5127 or e-mail: or


Post Date : July 11, 2008

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