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Mahidol University and Ministry of Science and Technology Produce Bulletproof Vest Supporting Police-Soldiers in Southern Provinces





Mahidol University, Ministry of Science and Technology, and private sectors are to produce 100 bulletproof vests to support and increase safety for police officers – soldiers in southern provinces.

Recently, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, National Metal and Materials Technology Center, Thailand, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology and PTT Polymer Marketing Company Limited signed the agreement for a collaborative project “Expanding Production of Researched bulletproof vests” to support and increase safety of the operation of the police officers and soldiers.


The bulletproof vests are entirely made from local materials, which consisted of ceramic plate and polyethylene composite. The ceramic plate functions to deform and destroy the bullet, while polyethylene composite distributes the impact and reduces blunt trauma. The design of the bulletproof vest suits the body of the Thais, and it weights 9 kilograms. It could protect against threat level 3 according to NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standard, which includes 7.62 mm bullet round and M16 rifle. It has expected operational lifetime more than 5 years. Preliminary production of 100 bulletproof vests should take approximately 18 months in production and delivery to the 3 southern border provinces. In the future, development should reduce the weight of bulletproof vest down to 6 kilograms.


Post Date : April 1, 2008

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