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International College Students Won Scholarships to Study Doctoral Degree in US




          Two students from Mahidol University International College won scholarships to study Master’s and Doctoral Degree in organic chemistry. Ms. Chiraphorn Khan received a scholarship to study at Case Western Reserve University, USA, while Mr. Rameez Ali, from The Republic of Maldives, will study at the University of Nevada, Reno, USA.

         In the teaching and learning environment that emphasize research, the two students participated in the research project entitled “Regioselective iodination of phenol and analogues using N-iodosuccinimide and p-toluenesulfonic acid, where they co-author and publish their findings in Tetrahedron Letters. Their research experience is a major part of their motivation to continue graduate study as well as succeeded in obtaining the scholarship

“Our senior friends always give advice and encouragement,” the two students commented.

Ms. Chiraphorn says that her goal is to complete doctoral degree and obtain the knowledge to become a faculty member at Mahidol University International College. Mr. Rameez aimed to return to his home country and use his knowledge to develop his country. The two students acknowledge and thank Dr. Pakorn Bovonsombat, who provided valuable guidance. Their graduate study begins in September 2009. Mahidol University would like to congratulate and wish them success.

Post Date : June 4, 2009

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