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Salaya Public Forum Pushes Public Policy "Over-priced drugs and out-of-reach essential medicines"




          On Thursday, 18th, 2009 Mahidol University and the National Health Commission Office of Thailand organized the 2nd Salaya Public Forum entitled, “Over-priced drugs and out-of-reach essentials medicines.” Dr. Hans V. Hogerzeil, Director, Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies, World Health Organization, Siriwat Thiptharadol, M.D.,Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, Assoc. Prof. Cha-oncin Sooksriwong, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University attended the forum.

         Mahidol University intends to become a driving force in addressing social issue by inviting experts to share their position on critical national issues. The aim is to lead to public policy. One problem is overpriced drugs, which is a problem that many sectors try to address. The Thai society should be aware of the monopoly of original drugs. The 2nd Salaya Public Forum then discussed how the original drug could be more affordable for the current Thai economy. Not only some drugs are over-priced, access is also at question. Even though we accept the intellectual property protection, since it allows for research and development, when life is at stake, protection of drugs should have more alternative as compared to other inventions. At present, the fight for access continues.

         The issue of over-priced drugs is quite complex, since it involves the overhead cost as well as market monopoly from the intellectual property right. Patent is what causes the higher drug price. Yet, it can also be a channel to negotiate, since higher drug price affects access. This forum allows many sectors to express their position, which contribute to further understanding of the situation in the society.

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Post Date : June 24, 2009

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