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Mahidol University Award 2008-2009 in Teaching goes to Prof. Suchai Soontrapa, MD




          Prof. Suchai Soontrapa, MD, joined the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital since 1977. He is a forefront in medical education, educating young medical students and family doctors using various approaches. He dedicated his entire life to urology. He was selected to become “Model Teacher” by Mahidol University Council in 2001, “Outstanding Teacher Award in the field of Health Science 2002” by University Council of Thailand. In addition, with sharp insight to the important role of moral and ethics in medicine, Prof. Suchai always incorporates moral and ethics in his teaching whenever possible. Thus, in 2002, he was awarded “Outstanding faculty in the development of moral and ethics of the college student”

         In research and academia, Prof. Suchai has publications at the national and international level. His research interest is in caring for terminally ill urologic patients. One of his outstanding research projects was the “extraction of capsaicin from Karen chilli,” which was used to treat patients with abnormal urinary tract contraction and sensitization. He filed for a petty patent in 2006.

         Prof. Suchai is currently the Deputy Dean of Moral and Ethics Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University. In the past, he was the Head of the Department of Surgery for 2 terms. He was also a treasurer for the Thai Urological Association

Post Date : July 9, 2009

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