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"Bioavailability and inhibitory effects on inflammation and insulin resistance of xanthones from Garcinia Mangostana L. (mangosteen) in human adipocytes"

          It has been estimated that by 2010, around 220 million people in the world would suffer from diabetes. In Thailand, the prevalence of diabetes could be as high as 10% of the population, and this is due mainly to obesity. Health Systems Research Institute estimated that Thai people spent more than 30,000 million Baht per year in health care. The cost of health care is increasing and will continue to increase.

         Dr.Ekarj Bumungpheut, Ph.D. (Nutrition), Mahidol University found that mangosteen is a local fruit of interest with the application in preventing, delaying, or rehabilitating type 2 diabetes as well as other side effect. Xanthone, a major component in mangosteen that is present in α- and γ-mangostin form, has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property. The xanthone was found to be effective in reducing the inflammation of adipose cells, which subsequently lead to reduction of insulin resistance.

"Inhibition of cooagen prductjion in deloid fibroblasts using RNA interference"

         Keloid is a type of scar resulted from an over grown of tissue at the site of a healed skin injury. It may be abnormally larger than normal scar, growing beyond the boundaries of the original wound. It can be found in all parts of the body. Collagen that is used in wound repair tends to overgrown in keloid.

         Miss Pantakarn Tis-aun, M.Sc. (Biochemistry), Mahidol University studied the effect of short-interfering RNA (siRNA), which is a method that inhibits the expressed gene in the body, on inhibition of abnormal collagen protein production. The cells that were subjected to siRNA treatment have 70-85% reduced collagen level as compared to control. The application from this study is in the treatment of various fibrotic diseases that may occur in organs such as lung and kidney.


Post Date : July 10, 2009

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