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Faculty of Pharmacy hosted the scientific conference on Weapon of Mass Destruction Issue




         Department of Biochemistry, MUPY led by Assist. Prof. Wichet Leelamanit in collaboration with Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters and Strategic Studies Center held a scientific conference on Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) on 19 March 2010, at Room 203, Thepparat Building. Although Thailand is not currently deemed a high profile target for WMD, preparation and readiness to counterbalance such threat is important for our national security. The objective of this conference is therefore to keep related officials both military and civil sectors informed about WMD and how to deal with it. The conference also serves as a platform for Thai officials to network and collaborate among themselves for the benefit of the country. This conference enjoyed a large number of participants including military officers, policeman, doctors, pharmacists and other related personnel. In addition, over 20 of various types of media and news reporters at a national level participated and reported this event to the public.


Post Date : March 22, 2010

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