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New Student Orientation 2011



          On June 3, 2011, Clinical Professor Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, M.D., the president of Mahidol University, gave a welcome speech to new students and introduced community leaders in Salaya sub-district, Putthamonthon, in the new student orientation 2011 at Multi-purpose Building, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus. After that, all of the new students did the ritual of paying homage and took an oath of allegiance at Mahidol Lawn, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus.

          Mahidol University had organized new student orientation 2011, in order to welcome the students and let them know what they ought to know and do while they are studying at the university. The president said to the new 4,800 students that In order to develop Mahidol University students both physical and emotional, and to be knowledgeable that create seven organizational cultures: Mastery Altruism Harmony Integrity Determination Originality Leadership. The cultures will be learned through courses and activities in the university. We do not only emphasize on teaching but also physical and mind of the students, so as to make them be public-minded and responsible to the society, the community, and the country. All students who study at Mahidol University come with hope. While the students are studying; they have to try hard, in order to graduate as they wish. I hope all of you will keep your determination until graduation, because it will lead you to the goal. I wish all of the new students will succeed in studying, gain knowledge, be public-minded, responsible to the society, and have useful knowledge for living in the university.


Post Date : June 3, 2011

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