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Mahidol University’ Awards for Research Papers Published in International Journals for 2010


from left to right
1. Professor Punnee Pitisuttithum 2. Associate Professor Luechai Sringernyuang 3. Professor Dr. David John Ruffolo
4. Instructor Waret veerasai 5. Professor Dr. Virapong Prachayasittikul 6. Professor Dr. Prasert Sobhon
7. Clinical Professor Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn 8. Professor Wichan Panich 9. Associate Professor Dr. Suksan Kantabutra
10. Assistant Professor Varut Lohsiriwat 11. Assistant Professor Wannapong Triampo 12. Professor Dr. Timothy William Flegel
13. Associate Professor Dr. Chartchalerm Isarankura Na Ayudhya


          Mahidol University has announced the winners of its 2010 Awards for Research Papers Published International Academic Journals.

          1. Recipients of awards for the highest numbers of published research papers in 2008-2009 are:

          Based on ISI Web of Science Database

               1. Prof. Dr. Virapong Prachayasittikul

               2. Prof. Dr. Prasert Sobhon

               3. Prof. Dr. Timothy William Flegel

           Based on SCOPUS Database

               1. Asst. Varut Lohsiriwat (MD.)

               2. Assoc. Dr. Chatchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya

               3. Assoc. Dr. Wannapong Triampo

          2. Recipents of awards for the highest citation counts for research papers in 2005-2009 based on SCOPUS database are:

               2.1 In Bioscience, Prof. Dr. Punnee Pitisuttithum (M.D.), Faculty of Tropical Medicine for “Activity of posaconazole in the treatment of central nervous system fungal infections” .

               2.2 In Physical Sciences, Prof. Dr. David John Ruffolo, Faculty of Science for “Relativistic solar neutrons and protons on 28 October 2003” .

               2.3 In Medical Sciences, research group led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Anawaj Sakuntabhai (M.D.) , Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital for “A variant in CD209 promoter is associated with severity of dengue disease”.

               2.4 In Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Waret Veerasai, Faculty of Science for “Design and development of a highly stable hydrogen peroxide biosensor on screen printed carbon electrode based on horseradish peroxidase bound with gold nanoparticles in the matrix of chitosan” .

              2.5 In Social Sciences, Assoc. Dr. Luechai Sri-ngernyuang, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities for “A situational analysis of HIV/AIDS patients in communities”.

              2.6 In Business Administration, Assoc. Dr. Sooksan Kantabutra, College of Management for “Vision-based leadership”.


Post Date : July 25, 2011

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