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Mahidol Hosts Inter-University IT Conference

            Mahidol University and the Office of Information Technology Administration for Educational Development, the Office of Higher Education Commission co-hosted 23rd WUNCA, a national inter-university conference on computer information technologies, at Salaya on January 26-28, 2011 .


          The conference was the triple-event package that included 23rd Workshop on UniNetwork and Computer Applications (23rd WUNCA), Conference on Computer Information Technologies (CIT2011), UniNet Network Operation and Management Workshop (UniNOMS2011).

          MU President Clin. Prof. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn (M.D.) presided over the opening ceremony of the three-day event, which featured workshops and sessions with an array of local and overseas speakers from diverse fields specialized in applying IT for medicine, forensics, e-learning, etc.

          More than 1,500 UniNet members from state and private universities, and community colleges nationwide attended the conference and the workshops.

          In CIT, 75 projects were submitted by undergraduates and students in Master’s degree programs for review, and 49 were selected. Among notable presentations were “Parkinson’s Disease Prediction Using Support Vector Machines”, Gold Price Forecasting by Using Artificial Neural Networks with Instructors”, “Smart E-learning for Students with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and Learning Disabilities”, “Robotics and Medical Application”, “The Effect of Using Facebook in the Workplace on Productivity” and “Seeking Security in the Social Network”.
          In UniNOMS, 15of 33 entries submitted by network members were selected for presentation. The selected projects include cloud computing with open-source, data backup and restoring systems supported by Bacula, information cafe, a system for displaying status of wireless internet hotspots on Google maps API, multipurpose classroom, work recording systems (i-Jobs).

          The opening ceremony and all other activities of the three-day event were broadcast live via the university’s IP-TV system for the general public and personnel of universities around the country. The proceedings can be viewed at 

          In the evening of January 26 MU hosted a dinner party for conference delegates in a relaxed atmosphere in front of Robot Building at the Faculty of Engineering. The delegates were welcomed by MU Vice President for Policy and Information Technology Asso. Prof. Soranit Sittharm (M.D.). The highlights of the evening were shows staged by Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and music performed by College of Music.




Post Date : February 3, 2011

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