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Mahidol University representatives praise and lend their support to the flood protection team at the Salaya Campus


          Clin. Prof. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, President, Mahidol University, with support from the Royal Thai Navy, led a group of administrators and staff in a visit to the Salaya campus which has also been affected by the current flood situation. During their visit the group met with the flood protection team, a collaborative effort which has come together in order to protect the Salaya Campus. The team is comprised of a coalition of university administrators, staff and students, construction companies currently involved in university projects, and other private sector representatives. Mahidol University’s Salaya Campus is acting as a center for flood relief and community assistance and has been taking receipt and delivering life vests and food to the local community. It is also serving as a transport center for boats and land-based vehicles. During the visit, the President took the opportunity to deliver essential items to Mahidol University’s hard working staff. He also thanked them for their continued hard work, cooperation and sacrifice.



Post Date : November 5, 2011

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