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Ratchasuda College and Royal Institute collaborate on a sign language dictionary


          Mahidol University’s Ratchasuda College and the Royal Institute signed an agreement to jointly write a Thai sign language dictionary.

          The college and the institute were represented by Dean Asst. Dr. Pimpa Kachondham and Secretary-general Ms. Kanokwalee Chuchaiya respectively at the signing ceremony, which took place on September 29, 2011 at the general meeting room on 3rd floor of Administration Building, Ratchasuda College.

          The signing was witnessed by Prof. Dr. Napatawn Banchuin, vice president of Mahidol University; Asst. Prof. Dr. Pimpa Kachondham Ratchsuda, deputy dean for education and research of Ratchasuda College; and Ms.Siriporn Intarachiensiri, director of Arts Division, the Royal Institute.

          The collaboration will produce a Royal Institute Dictionary of Thai Sign Language that people with hearing impairments can use as a standard reference for communication in daily life, education and occupations. It would enhance their opportunity for self-learning and shared understanding of the sign language.


Post Date : October 3, 2011

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