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Committee conducts annual audit on Mahidol University


          The Committee on Internal Quality Assessment under the Commission of Higher Education arrives at the Salaya campus on August 29 to begin its audit on Mahidol University’s implementation outcome for academic year 2010.

          Assoc. Prof. Preecha Wanichsethakul, MD, the committee’s chair and seven other members, were greeted by Mahidol University President Clin. Prof. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn and other administrators.

          The audit, scheduled on August 29-31, is part of a quality assurance system that evaluates higher education institutions against standards and criteria set by CHE.

          On the first day the audit team divide responsibilities to gather additional information for assessment based on 7 components of indicators. They will tour the university and collect further information from different offices on the following day. The committee will discuss the audit’s results with MU administrators at the conclusion meeting on the final day.



Post Date : August 30, 2011

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