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Mahidol University helps build network of universities for social responsibility


         On Wednesday April 4, 2012, at Srisavarindira Building, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University Professor Dr. Kasem Wattanachai, member of the Royal Privy Council presided over the opening ceremony of the 7th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Association of International Education, APAIE. This conference was attended by 1,000 delegates from 44 countries from all regions of the world. All 110 exhibition booths were all occupied. The number of lectures and submitted presentations reaches a record 120. The keynote speech on “Putting into University Social Responsibility into Action” delivered by M.R. Disnadda Diskul, Secretary General of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage, was received with enthusiasm. The Foundation was well known for its success with countless royal projects that have put its social responsibilities into action by transforming poverty-stricken communities into self-sustaining agriculture societies.

      Professor Rajata Rajatanavin, President of Mahidol University said, “the University has agreed to host this conference because we recognize the significant importance of providing a forum for educators and professionals to build an international network responsible for societal well being. The new teaching and meeting facilities made available by Siriraj Faculty of Medicine make it possible to organize an international event economically which is in line with the principle of sufficient economy”.

      Universities that have hosted APAIE conferences, to name a few, include Korean University, Griffith University in Australia, and the National Taiwan University. The next year conference will be at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Post Date : April 4, 2012

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