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Signing ceremony to organize M-CLEA Bioresource Co.,Ltd (MCBC)


As a result of the shortage of laboratory animal of the country in both quantity and quality that are insufficient for to support the increasing researches in the future, and during the passing time, National Laboratory Animal Center,Mahidol University (NLAC) has imported many breeders of laboratory animal from various countries such as Japan, England, Denmark and Netherland in order to productions and service for serve the researchers and scientists in the types of Inbred and Outbred for testing and researching. On account of the supporting from CLEA Japan, Inc,the first laboratory animal productions company in Japan, and also good coordination thoroughly from Nomura Jimusho, Inc., it brings about the cooperation among Mahidol University, CLEA Japan, Inc and Nomura Jimusho, Inc. to establish the company, M-CLEA Bioresource Co.,Ltd or MCBC in order to jointly develop and produce laboratory animals in a good quality and worldwide standards.

On March 28, 2013, Asst. Prof. Dr. Pradon Chatigawanit, the advisor of Office of the National Committee for Research Animal Development, said. "At that time Thailand didn't have the source of producing service laboratory animal. If any institute wants to use laboratory animal, it has to produce laboratory animal by itself or order it from the agent. And laboratory animals cannot be indicated the type, species, gender, age, weight and wanted amount. Importantly, it has no quality in heredity and health. Mahidol University with the support of Dr. Tatsuji Nomura supports to push National Laboratory Animal Center,Mahidol University for the productions and services domestic laboratory animal to have better standard.Starting from the ICR species mouse from CLEA Japan, now it is the main production of NLAC. Additionally, Dr. Tatsuji Nomura gave many species of inbred to productions and services, to be the model in the test of heredity and also give a chance to staff of NLAC to observe the test of heredity and health at Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA). At present National Laboratory Animal Center,continually uses this way to test the quality of animals in order to serve domestic service and wish NLAC will be subcenter of International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) in this region for varity quality of laboratory animals. I believe that the coordination with CLEA Japan, Inc. at this time not only leads to the development of National Laboratory Animal Center,Mahidol University to be the excellent center in the science field, it also brings about the development of raising and using laboratory animal for scientific work in Thailand and Asian countries that is useful for the development of medical work and agriculture which leads to the development of quality of people life in this region continuously."

Prof. Rajata Rajatanavin, President of Mahidol University said, "This cooperation will make National Laboratory Animal Center,Mahidol University be developed the preserving technology by Cryopreservation and Embryo Transfer that will be useful for developing species for increase the quantity of production of laboratory animals to hit the market needs and getting accepted by the region and international. Besides, we have the purpose to develop the organization to be the excellent center that focuses on creating the expert of production, service, examination of quality of laboratory animals and research to promote development of quality of life and animal also, to develop work in the verity of poison and safe of laboratory animals to get the guaranty accreditation of OECD Good Laboratory Practice for to enhance the research of laboratory animals in the country. The developing plan of M-CLEA Bioresource Co.,Ltd in the first five-year is the increase quality of laboratory animals and the variety of species, the development of production technology ,building the rising and welfare standard of laboratory animals to be international standard through the certification and estimation from Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International for expand the customer base to ASEAN. Researchers and the public health organizations receive many benefits as using various species of laboratory animals, getting modern technology in both production and research to develop the reduction of production cost, make save cost and increase the species of laboratory animals to support various researches."

"The cooperation is encouraged by the policy of the government in supporting the project created from the cooperation between Public-Private Partnership: PPP). In this project, Mahidol University gives the chance to private company to participate in the project for increase the efficiency of working and service. This is a good chance to producing laboratory animal and developing the experiment in the country To get ready for Asean Economic Community in the future too."

Mr. Fukushi Taguchu, the president of Clea Japan, Inc. said, "After the coinvestment, we will bring the propagating model for medical discovery and toxicology and laboratory animals to expand the production in Thailand. The first set of model are 11 species of laboratory animal and other necessary and flexible laboratory animals for the experiment, including modified species of guinea pig to be imperfect immunity and diabetes. We believe that this guinea pig model can help Thai scientists study the experiment more effectively. For the production techniques, we will the production system, embryo transfer, to use as a reproduction technology for producing various species in order to be better laboratory animals. Besides, we will develop the variety of laboratory animals to have more responding sperm to the scientific experiment. Clea Japan, Inc., one of the constructors M-CLEA Bioresource Co.,Ltd, will perform best in production and selling high quality laboratory animal in Thailand to meet the need of scientists worldwide."

Mr. Shoji Nomura, the president of Nomura Jimusho, Inc. Japan, said, "Nomura Jimusho, Inc. is the company that places the strategy of marketing to Clea Japan, Inc. This time, we share investment in order to expand the market of laboratory animals in Asean region that Thailand is the center of the production of laboratory animals for supporting the way to AEC in the year 2558. By the entire business about the production of laboratory animals, Nomura Jimusho, Inc. and Clea Japan, Inc. jointly establish the company, Nomura Siam International to support the marketing work, that it not only focuses on specific the market of laboratory animals, but it also covers other entire products involving scientific works about laboratory animal such as experiment tools of laboratory animal's behavior, feeding tools and sleeping stuff to develop the market of laboratory animal of M-CLEA Bioresource Co.,Ltd in Thailand and Asia forwards." This is the new way of international cooperation that will help to promote and push the scientific technology of laboratory animal to progress, be international standard, and enhance the field of laboratory animal in Thailand to be equivalent to other countries. Now M-CLEA Bioresource Co.,Ltd has produced and sell laboratory animal for a period. One who is interested in this can contact 0-2441-9342.




Post Date :March 29, 2013

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