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Most Full Professors in Thailand

Full Professors are appointed for excellence in research after extensive evaluations, so the number of full professors is a reflection of research strength. [ ... more details ... ]



First International College at a Thai government university

Mahidol University International College, founded in 1986, is the first international college in a government university, entirely dedicated to teaching international students at undergraduate level.




One of the few universities in the world with 3 medical schools

Mahidol University is one of the few universities in the world with three medical schools, training more than 700 medical doctors per year and serving as centers for comprehensive medical training. The three hospitals and one medical center at Mahidol University together have some 4,000 beds, and provide high quality patient care for nearly 4 million out-patients and 140,000 in-patients per year. Other health science faculties complement this by training other health professionals, namely some 80-100 dentists per year, about 80-100 pharmacists per year, more than 200 nurses per year, and about 100 medical technologists per year.




Has Thailand's most prominent science faculty

The Faculty of Science, Mahidol is one of Asia’s most prominent science faculties, and has been an acknowledged leader among the science faculties in Thailand for some 40 years, producing the most publicatins and citations, as well as the most Outstanding Scientists of Thailand.




College of Music teaches students at school, undergraduate and postgraduate level

The College of Music, Mahidol University, not only has Bachelor, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs in Music, but also runs a music school, which promotes young talent by teaching school children. Students at all levels have won prizes at both national and international level. The College is also closely associated with the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, which performs regularly at the College's auditorium.




Only Thai University whose staff/former staff received 4 Magsaysay Awards

The Magsaysay Award ( is named after Ramon Magsaysay (former Philippine President, 1953), who was an outstanding leader who believed in the dignity of man and selfessly devoted himself to the improving the life of his fellow Filipinos. The Award is often regarded as Asia’s Nobel Prize, and is given to individuals and organizations in Asia,“who have achieved distinction in their respective fields and have helped others generously without anticipating public recognition.

The latter echo the sentiments of Mahidol University’s motto 'Attanam Uppamam Kare', which may be translated as “One should care about others as one cares about oneself”. That staff and former staff of the university have received 4 Magsaysay Awards symbolizes the university's vision of caring about people.




University staff introduced genetic engineering and proteomics to Thailand

Advances in science nowadays require the modern technology. Scientists at Mahidol University keep up with modern trends in science, and were, for example, the first to introduce the techniques of genetic engineering and proteomics to Thailand.


Has academic programs in religious studies, population, culture and language

In addition to its strengths in medicine and science, Mahidol University has strong degree programs in social sciences, arts and humanities. The College of Religion offers B.A. and Ph.D. degree programs in Religious Studies for both monks and lay people. The Institute of Population and Social Research has international degree programs in Population and Reproductive Health Research at M.A. level and in Demography at Ph.D. level. The Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development has various postgraduate programs, including a Ph.D. program in Linguistics. Ratchasuda College has a Diploma program for Interpreting in Thai Sign Language.





Has highest budget of any university in Thailand

Mahidol University receives the highest budget of any university from the Thai government, namely some 6.06 billion baht in 2006, probably because it has such extensive medical facilities. However, this sum is far from being enough to provide for quality research and educational activities, so the university spent another 13.5 billion baht from its own income.


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