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Cooperative Agreements


University / Institute  

University of Alberta (Canada)

(Faculty level)
    Georgetown University (USA)  
    University of Michigan (USA) (Faculty level)
    University of Minnesota (USA) (Faculty level)
    Technologico de Monterrey (Mexico) (Faculty level)
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) (Faculty level)
    University of Texas at Austin (USA) (Faculty level)
    University of Victoria (Canada)  
    University of Western Ontario (Canada)  
    University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)  
  Asia Chinese University of Hong Kong  
    City University of Hong Kong (Faculty level)
    University of Hong Kong (Faculty level)
    University of Indonesia (Faculty level)
    Korea University  



Kunming Medical University (P.R. China)

    Kyoto University (Japan) (Faculty level)
    Kyushu University (Japan)  
    University of Malaya (Malaysia) (Faculty level)

Nanjing University (P.R. China)

    National Taiwan University (Taiwan ROC)  

Osaka University (Japan)


University of Tokyo (Japan)

    Yonsei University (Korea ROK) (Faculty level)

University of Adelaide (Australia)


University of Auckland (New Zealand)

    Australian National University (Australia)  
    Curtin University of Technology (Australia)  
    Flinders University (Australia) (Faculty level)
    La Trobe University (Australia)  
    Macquarie University (Australia)  
    University of Otago (New Zealand)  
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia) (Faculty level)
    University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)  
  Europe The Academy of Sciences (Czech)  
    Universite Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) (Faculty level)
    University of Cambridge (UK) (Faculty level)
    University of Copenhagen (Denmark) (Faculty level)
    Free University of Berlin (Germany)  
    University of Innsbruck (Austria) (Faculty level)
    Lund University (Sweden) (Faculty level)
    University Montpellier 2 (France)  
    University of Oslo (Norway) (Faculty level)
    University of Oxford (UK) (Faculty level)
    Institut Pasteur (France)  
    Utrecht University (Netherlands)  


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