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Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics received Toray Award for Promotion of Science in Thailand


On 11 February 2008 at Nai Lert Park Bangkok, A Raffles International, Prof. Napatawn Banchuin, Vice President, presided over the Awarding Ceremony at The 14th Presentation Ceremony by Thailand Toray Science Foundation for promotion of science and technology in Thailand, presenting the flower bouquet to congratulate the awardees. An organization selected to receive the award was Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (IMBG), Mahidol University. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chartchai Krittanai, Deputy Dean of Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics represented the institute to receive the award.

The IMBG, Mahidol University is one of the research institutes in Mahidol University with excellent research work in the field of molecular biology, genetics, and genetic engineering at the national and international level. This newly established research institute has been in operation for merely 10 years, but with dedicated cooperation from the researchers and supporting staff, the research standard is upheld high. It has supporting system and atmosphere favor toward conducting research. Important research in IMBG includes research and development of RNAi in stimulating the shrimp’s immune defense against viral infections, which is a predominant problem in shrimp culture and production. Development of RNAi to stimulate ovarian maturation and spawning of wild broodstock shrimp instead of using conventional eyestalk ablation technique has potential to be used in shrimp farming in Thailand. Other research that benefit the national and international scientific community include study of interaction of cell membrane protein and dengue virus, study of mechanism of genetic disease, study of microbial protein and gene expression for industrial application, study of protein structure and function such as larvicide protein, enzyme that cause drug resistant in mosquito, study of enzyme that is used as target for anti-dengue viral drug design as well as agricultural related research to improve strain using molecular biology technique. More than 180 high quality research publications have been produced in international journals.

The IMBG has also been evaluated by many agencies to be an institute with high research capacity and excellent research product. All faculty members and researchers could compete and receive research grant from various funding sources outside the university, which made the ratio of external funding source twice that of internal funding. After 10 years, the Institute produced more than 120 highly qualified graduates. The IMBG provides academic service, acts as training research center for researchers from various organizations as well as collaboration with many domestic and international organizations.


Besides from Science and Technology Award, Thailand Toray Science Foundation provides research grant for research topics that benefit the society as a whole and for advancement of scientific and technology knowledge of the nation. The research project, “Development of Difluorophenylsulfanylmethane as a New Alternative Formylating Agent of Aromatic Compounds”” by Asst. Prof. Chutima Kuhakarn, Faculty of Science received the research grant in the field of chemistry. The study focuses on study of formylation reaction of aromatic compound. The investigation utilizes the reaction between difluorophenylsulfanylmethane and 1,2,4-trimethoxybenzene as a model. Upon obtaining the optimum reaction conditions, difluorophenylsulfanylmethane is used to react with various aromatic compounds, and the results determine the efficiency of the reaction. Chemical reaction and mechanism of reaction will be explained.

Post Date : February 12, 2008

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