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Mahidol University to Host an Innovative Education Conference on "Contemplative Education: Education for Human Development"



The Contemplative Education Center, Mahidol University, along with Chulalongkorn University, Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts, and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation will host the 2008 Conference on "Contemplative Education: Education for Human Development" between Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2008, at Grand Hall 1, Rama Gardens Hotel. This conference will be the floor for faculties and education experts to exchange knowledge and experience in education according to the contemplative education movement and learning process. The contemplative education learning process starts from bringing tranquility to the mind prior to beginning the class, practicing meditation, and applying novel education approach into various curriculums such as stage performance, economics, philosophy, cosmology, all of which have been tried and accepted. The contemplative education approach has been shown to be beneficial to the students and faculties. Currently the contemplative education is being compiled to be presented to the education policy makers in implementing the contemplative education in national academic curriculum.

Assoc. Prof Anuchat Poungsomlee, Vice President for Physical System and Environment, Mahidol University, acknowledged, "The contemplative education was initiated by the contemplative education network counterparts with the aim to disseminate knowledge concerning the promotion and improvisation of the contemplative education methodology for teaching and research in academic institution. The conference will involve presentations of various research topics in the contemplative education network, particularly the research that emphasize interaction, experience, and analysis. Other highlights include demonstration of meditation practice, scientific discourse, and contemplative education forum for specific age group and different environmental setting. These activities allow exchange of learning and opportunity for networking. The aim is to present to policy makers the application of contemplative education in national academic curriculum."

This conference will consist of special lectures by various experts from many countries, seminar, discussion, and research presentation such as in-country contemplative education, research and managing contemplative education, research project for training development and contemplative education process and contemplative education research.

Assoc. Prof Anuchat Poungsomlee added that the organizing committee will push the results from this conference into the national education policy.

Registration for this conference can be done at For more information please contact 02-441-5000 ext 4305

Post Date : October 21, 2008

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