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Mahidol University Prepared Counter Measures and Surveillance for Suspected Bird Flu Cases


On February 14, 2008, the Public Information Division, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital. Mahidol University announced that birds in Nakorn Sawan and Pichit Province were found to be infected with bird flu in the recent bird flu epidemic in January. The trend seems to spread if counter measure has not been implemented. Clin. Prof. Teerawat Kulthanan, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital. Mahidol University released that Siriraj Hospital stress the importance of bird flu prevention, and preparation of counter measures and surveillance has been taken, which started from diagnosis, special care unit as well as dissemination of knowledge to physicians, nurses, and related medical personnel. Suspected bird flu case will be screened as follow:

  1. Inform the public that special track to service suspected case is available, and provide public relation officer available give information concerning treatment process at Out Patient Division.
  2. In the process of primary recording of patient history by the nurse, the suspected patient should wear protective mask and send to screening unit.
  3. At the screening unit, the infectious control nurse records history and measure temperature. If no suspicion is found, the patient would be send to normal care unit, but if patient meet at least one suspected criteria, the physician would informed. Laboratory diagnosis, chest X-ray, and nasopharyngeal aspiration testing would then be undertaken according to the diagnosis and treatment plan.
  4. Special care unit would be prepared for suspected bird flu cases, and the case would be reported to the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health accordingly.

“Regardless, if you see anyone who has high fever, headache, coughing, sort throat, fatigue, muscle ache, weak, and history of contact with birds or chicken, please take him/her to meet the doctor. For the farmer who has chicken, if your chicken or those nearby die abnormally, please inform health officials and Department of Livestock and avoid direct contact with bare hand.” Clin. Prof. Teerawat Kulthanan stated.

Post Date : March 29,, 2008

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