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  Research Policy  

Enhancing Research Excellence

Mahidol University Research Strategic plan 2008-2011 was approved by the Council in May 2008, following extensive discussion and analysis and consultation with staff and our stakeholders. The plan is an ambitious articulation of our vision to be a world class institution. The research strategic objectives will pursued through:

Recruiting and retaining high quality researchers, continually improve staff's research capability by proving a professional development program with the aim to improve their research output and peer esteem

Creating an environment and infrastructure that fosters and supports high quality research across the full range of disciplines in the university

Supporting multidisciplinary research by building of research teams and encouraging co-operation between faculties and research institutes so as to maximize mutual benefit

Promoting research expertise of the university to external parties, both local and international, including industry, while adhering to the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy

Providing intellectual property management and encourage commercialization of innovation

Ensuring that research funding and expenditure maximize the advancement of university strategic objectives

Developing and maintaining an information and communications strategy, both internally and externally, to support access needs for research and learning. Encouraging dissemination and contribution of research innovation and applications to public


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