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Tsunami-Mahidol Dental Taskforce

An underwater earthquake is a natural phenomenon that can create a tidal wave called a tsunami. Tsunamis can be initiated by the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates that registers greater than 7.0 on the Richter scale. The wave may cause major destruction to any coastal areas within the tidal wave’s reach. Usually, the deceased are identified and a sample of DNA can be analyzed soon after death. However as decomposition occurs, the identification becomes more difficult. Forensic dentistry is a valuable tool in this situation. [ more details ... ]


Toon in to Health : Four Special Cartoon Books Bring Dental Health to Kids

To honor Thailand’s HRH Queen Sirikit on her 72nd birthday, August 12, 2005, the Faculty of Dentistry created four specially designed cartoon books for children to develop healthy oral habits and stimulate their self-learning skills.

“The goal of the Department of Community Dentistry was to teach rural kids effective tooth brushing techniques and the importance of oral hygiene – it was the main factor in producing this children’s literature,” conveyed Associate Professor Reda Kasetsuwan, Department Chair. “To my way of thinking, healthy oral behaviors are the key to general health.” [ more details ... ]

The Compact Dental Unit : Mobile Miracle in Dentistry

Community service is the hallmark of any professional institution and The Faculty is proud of the many appropriate solutions it has developed to alleviate the real dental health challenges facing rural villagers. “The Thai people deserve quality dental treatment, but not enough dentists or facilities are available,” opined Associate Professor Reda Kasetsuwan, Department of Community Dentistry. “Thirty years ago no comprehensive dental services existed outside of Bangkok. Later,” explained Ajarn Reda, “the Ministry of Public Health set up one major hospital in every province, but it took time until they all had full-time dental health practitioners.”

[ more details ... ]




Integrative Research Network for Comprehensive Development of the Thachin and Maeklong River Basins

Mahidol university has proven itself to be one of the academic leaders on employing the collected body of knowledge to benefit and service in form of collaborative project with other universities such as a project carried out with Thammasart University and Kasetsart University namely "inclusive rural development for Maeklong river basin" project. This project was initiated by Puay Aungpakorn and was done under the collaboration with three universities over more than 20 years. Not only the intention of raising up the quality of research to be in the world class of international forum, Mahidol University also generates a strategy namely "research for achieving the goal" in order to solve some urgent and specific problems. This strategy aims to support potentiality among communities and to strengthen them to be sufficient-independent communities. Moreover, part of some researches aims to drive communities in the western part of Thailand through carrying out research with civil network in the area.

Further Information : http://www.en.mahidol.ac.th/eng/research/thachin.html


The college of music student activity club had initiated a project to support the student’s in need. The student went to the school in Samutsakhon province on March 5th, 2008. They had gave concerts, organized, some activities related to music and giving – sharing. They’re sang a song “One light is a rainbow” together. Finally Thank you for everyone to all support.


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