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SS Sports Center

SS Sport Center is located in the College of Sports Science and Technology which is the educational institute leading in sports science. The SS Sport Center has first opened on Monday 6 th March 2006. The purpose is to encourage students, staff and others to keep healthy by exercising properly in reference to sports science's theory.

SS Sport Center provides full and modern exercise equipments for all members (students, staff and interested people). Furthermore, SS Sport Center organizes sport and exercise activities such as

  • aerobic dance
  • aqua aerobic dance
  • aero boxing
  • yoga
  • pilates exercise
  • ballroom dancing

Besides providing exercise services, SS Sport Center is also used as a classroom and practical section for Sport Science's students. Thus the students are more likely to gain knowledge and experience in related sport and exercise profession.

SS Sport Center is managed by board of directors who are expert sports science, sport medicine and management.

The board of directors has an aim to develop the standard of SS Sport Center and swimming pools “Sirimongkol” to be a leading model of fully equipped sport center and to be a training place for improving potentiality and ability of sports science learners and national athletes.

Further Information : http://www.ss.mahidol.ac.th/sports centerEN.htm
Preservation of Thai Art and Culture at the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital

Preservation of Thai art and culture is one of the main missions of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital. It is integrated in wide range of activities organized by the Faculty. The subcommittee for Preserving Thai art and culture is a main responsible in cooperation with other committees in the Faculty, namely the Ramathibodi Buddhism Club, the Thai Traditional Dance and Music Club, the Subcommittee for Extra-activities of the Nursing Department, the Ramathibodi Students Club, the Ramathibodi Faculty Council, the Ramathibodi Alumni Association, the Division of Student Affairs, and other departments/offices.

Main Responsibilities
     1. To organize activities for conserving, upholding and disseminating the knowledge of Thai art, culture and religion to the Faculty personnel and the interested public in general in order that they can apply this knowledge to promote their health and quality of life.
     2. To collaborate with other clubs and departments within the Faculty in order to organize activities related to Thai art, culture and religion.
     3. To campaign for active participation in activities related to Thai art, culture and religion both inside and outside the Faculty.

     1. A provision of adequate understanding of the Thai culture through a variety of activities related to Thai culture and traditions which are served as a good model for the participants.
     2. Development of an awareness of the values of Thai art and culture through various activities as follows:
          - Activities to honor the monarchic institute.
          - Activities to celebrate special occasions of Thai culture and traditions.
          - Organizing classes to teach the Thai traditional dance and music as well as promoting Thai cultural shows on suitable occasions.
     3. Encouraging the Faculty personnel to continuously cooperate and uphold the Thai culture.
     4. Supporting the application of Thai wisdom for enhancing health and quality of life by disseminating the knowledge of Thai wisdom applications for daily life to the public such as the Thai massage and the demonstration of herbal cooking.
     5. Promoting self-development for enhancing morals and ethics in parallel with Buddhism teaching through various lectures, meditation practice for daily life, dissemination of religious books, and cultural trips.


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