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Services for International Staff and Students
Mahidol University provides a wide range of services to help our international students and staff to settle into life on campus and enjoy their time in Thailand.
• Airport Pick-up Service
   Airport pick-up service is available free of charge by Mahidol University International College for exchange or visiting international undergraduate students. Students are requested to complete a booking form once their itinerary is finalized. Other Faculties, Institutes or Colleges can also provide services upon request.
• Orientation Program
   Relevant host Faculties, Institutes or Colleges of Mahidol University normally organize orientation programs for new international students prior to the commencement of their study, providing introduction and useful information for their study at Mahidol University and life in Thailand. Students are recommended to join the session regardless of their level of study or program types.
• Guidebook
   The International Relations Division provides a Guidebook for International Students and Staff, containing practical information for living including banking, transportation, living expenses, health care with useful telephone numbers and websites. Separate “Campus Fact Sheets” describing specific facilities and sevices on each of Mahidol University’s 3 Bangkok-area campuses are also available. Some Faculties, Institutes and Colleges also provide similar guidebooks written specifically for their international students.
Download Mahidol University Guidebook for International Students and Staff:
- Guidebook

- Phayathai Campus Fact Sheet

- Bangkok Noi Campus Fact Sheet

- Salaya Campus Fact Sheet

   International students and staff require a Non-Immigrant Visa to reside in Thailand. It is also possible to arrive on a Tourist or Transit Visa and change it to a Non-Immigrant Visa later. Mahidol University also facilitates visa renewal of all international staff and students to continue their course of study or relevant activities. All foreign staff must also obtain a work permit after getting a Non-Immigrant Visa. The employing Faculty, Institute or College of Mahidol University will assist in organizing the application and providing proper documentation.
• Scholarships
   A range of scholarships for international students are also available at Mahidol University as follows:
   Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

      - Mahidol University International Colleges Scholarships
      - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Program Scholarships

   Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

      - Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships
      - Mahidol University Postgraduate Research Scholarships

• Other General Assistance
   International students and staff can contact the International Relations Division for practical advice and assistance on all issues. Similar services and ongoing support are also available at Faculties, Institutes and Colleges, particularly the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Mahidol University International College which take care of most international postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs respectively and can be contacted at:
  International Relations Unit
  Faculties of Graduate Studies Mahidol University
Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Tel. 0 2441 4188, 441 4125 ext. 219, 220 Fax: 0 2 441 4188
Email: deangr@mahidol.ac.th
  International Relations Office
Mahidol University International College
Mahidol University 999 Phuttamonthon 4 Road
Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Tel. 0 2441 0648-9 ext. 1219
Fax. 0 2441 9745 Email: icir@mahidol.ac.th


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