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Pride of Being a Mahidol
"Mahidol University in my view is one of the leading universities in Thailand. In fact, Mahidol is much more. Not only Mahidol is the center of learning in various disciplines, it is also the center of love and warmth between fellow students. As I got the chance to be a part of Mahidol, I felt proud since my first day that I came in. Until today when I step out as a master’s graduate of Mahidol, the pride in being a Mahidol as well as the love and bond between the fellow students still remains, and it is something that I believe that will remain in everyone’s heart even though they graduated from the boundary of Mahidol University."

Ms. Supansa Kongseng (Sa)
M.Sc. (Food toxicology and Nutrition)
Institute of Nutrition

"What I learned is more than the academic knowledge; it is the ability in taking what I know to make use for the society. Even though we are a small unit, but Mahidol taught you that every achievement of the society comes from cooperation from every part. Often the success may not be clearly seen, but the pride is the motivation for us to continue our good deeds. Thank you Mahidol University for planting the conscious awareness of dedication and self-sacrifice. Deepest thank."

Ms. Piyawan Chitwasinkul (Kade)
M.Sc. (Nutrition)
Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital

"I believe that no Thai citizen who do not know Mahidol University. Mahidol University is well equipped with academic knowledge and extra-curriculum activities as well as long history of over a 100 year, since the King Rama V. For the International College or MUIC, even though it is newly found, it produces quality graduates. It is also known as international academic institution with toughest English program. I’m proud to be a graduate in this academic year, and I hope that Mahidol University will continue to develop and prove to the foreigners what MU means."

Mr. Phon Nusinchaikarn (Phon)
B.B.A. (Business Administration – Finance) (International Programme)
Mahidol University International College

"I feel proud every time someone asks me where did I graduate from. I proudly answered, “from Mahidol.”
After my answer, the speaker would show appreciation and appraise my institution that it is the public academic institution filled with quality education. The students who studied there must be smart. Everyone is willing to hire graduate from here. I cannot hold my smile when I hear that, and it makes me feel that I made the right decision to choose to study only at Mahidol University at the time when I had to decide where I would like to continue my study, because Mahidol University is an institution with the excellence in teaching and learning as well as research."

Ms. Chonploy Leerapun (Palm)
B.Sc. (Food Science and Technology)
Mahidol University International College

"I wanted to study here since 5th grade when I attended environmental conservation camp with P’ at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resource Studies. It was the first time when I entered Mahidol University, Salaya campus. I was very impressed with the place. Everyone in the camp was friendly. It gave me the determination to study here. I still remember the day they announced the entrance result, I was very happy. I studied at the Faculty of Sport Science, which seemed easy, easy to graduate. But in fact, study at Mahidol University requires effort and focus. In graduating from Mahidol University, being a graduate of Mahidol, I feel very proud to be a son of Prince Mahidol. Being a part of Mahidol became a part of our heart, enriching our blood to be thick blue color. I want to help the society.
I’m very proud that once in this lifetime, when I was an intern at Siriraj Hospital, I got to care the patient. I got to enter the operation room. I felt that want to help the society, because Mahidol University is the university for the people."

Mr. Chonlaput Lunsucheep (Tae)
B.Sc. (Sport Science)
College of Sport Science and Technology

The "Kunpai" (Mahidol) provides the piece of mind that made me a complete man. I am now ready to enter the world. Mahidol University bestowed upon me the knowledge and learning in various fields both from classroom teaching and social life in the university. Mahidol University is considered to be another society with various people from variety of background. Everyone comes to live together both for learning and activities. We learn to live in the same society, adjust to one another, speak our mind, meet new friends, learn the competition, understand the disappointment, achieve and friendship.”

Ms. Punnawadee Pattanapornchai (Lin)
B.Sc. (Sport Science)
College of Sport Science and Technology

"I feel very proud to study here. Here, there is knowledge both in and outside the classroom. Study here made me learn more new things. Many things that I haven’t know and thought of never know, I learned here. It broadens my world. From the small world that I envisioned, but here, I opened my eyes to see the wide world through teaching and learning as well as living here. Now I gradate, I feel proud to be a graduate from here."

Ms. Vichuta Saeyim (Kwang)
B.Sc. (Medical Illustration and Audiovisual Technology)
Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital



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