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Support staff appointments indicate the levels of staff member’s knowledge and abilities to support and facilitate the development of the university’s human resources. Support staff positions are classified into the following levels:

  • Skilled Level

- A person must work at the university for at least 10 years and has held the position for which he/she is seeking the appointment of rank for at least 5 years.

  • Specialist Level

- Holder of a bachelor’s degree

- Holder of a master’s degree

- Holder of a doctorate degree

  • Expert Level

Holding the rank of specialist for at least 3 years

  • Senior Expert Level

Holding the rank of expert for at least 2 years


There are two categories of requests for appointments for support staff.

  • Normal request is made by an employee whose qualifications and works meet the criteria specified for the position.

  • Special request is made by an employee whose qualifications do not conform to the criteria , e.g. holding the position for a duration shorter than specified or seeking a promotion that passes over the next higher level.

**Educational qualifications for position levels:

- Lower than bachelor degrees for skilled level

- Holder of a bachelor’s degree or higher for specialist, expert and senior expert levels




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