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Welcome to BUDSIR on Internet

The BUDSIR on Internet is the latest product of BUDSIR project with an aim of facilitating all interested persons in retrieving information in BUDSIR database via Internet. The program consists of the following:

45 volumes of Tipitaka in Thai translation.
45 volumes of Tipitaka in Thai-Pali Tipitaka and Romanized Pali.
70 volumes of Atthakatha and commentaries in Thai-Pali and Romanized Pali.
Now Tipitaka and Atthakatha in Devanagari and Sinhalese are also available for retrieval.

This program is suitable for IE 5.0 or higher versions.
Please send your comments to: budsir@mahidol.ac.th
Last updated date March 19, 2004

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