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p_96.JPG (1134 bytes) Introductory Section: Human Beings and Being Human 

1. Man, the noble being
2. The ideal person

p_96.JPG (1134 bytes) Section One: People and Society

3. The virtuous person
4. The social benefactor
5. The harmonious participant of the group
6. The contributor to good government
7. The state leader

p_96.JPG (1134 bytes)  Section Two: People and Life

8. The confident one
9. The successful one
10. The shrewd breadwinner
11. The ideal householder
12. The unbeguiled one

p_96.JPG (1134 bytes) Section Three: People and People

13. The partner
14. The keeper of the lineage
15. The family successor
16. The company one keeps
17. The worker and the boss

p_96.JPG (1134 bytes)    Section Four: People and the Way

18. The educator
19. The learner
20. The devotee
21. The perpetuator of the religion
22. The attainer of the Dhamma

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