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Picture 1. Devas invitation to the Bodhisatta for becoming enlightened as the Buddha.

Picture 2. The Bodhisatta’s acception; being born among a royal family in Kapilavatthu.

Picture 3. The Bodhisatta takes seven step on his birth in the Lumbini forest.

Picture 4. Ascetic Asita’s visit, paying reverence to the Bodhisatta.

Picture 5. The Brahmins perform a ceremony for the Infant Prince “Siddhattha”.

Picture 6. The Bodhisatta’s first attainment under a jambolan tree.

Picture 7. The Prince strings and fires a heavy arrow at the arms’ contest.

Picture 8. Prince Siddhattha and Princess Bimbayasodhara’s marriage held by the king.

Picture 9. Prince Siddhattha saw four divines.

Picture 10. While having a bath, the Prince was informed his son’s birth.

Picture 11. The Prince offers a necklace to Kisa Gotami.

Picture 12. The Prince feel despondent and decides to leave.

Picture 13. The Prince goes to see the sleeping Princess Bimba in case of leaving.

Picture 14. Channa prepares the steed “Kanthaka” for the Prince to lead on his going forth.

Picture 15. Mara lies the Prince he’ll inberit an empire.

Picture 16. The Bodhisatta cuts off his hair for ordination at Anoma River.

Picture 17. The Bodhisatta walks through Rajagaha; everyone talks about him.

Picture 18. King Bimbisara visits the Buddha asking him to return after his enlightenment.

Picture 19. The Bodhisatta studies with the recluse Alara; finding unenlightened, furthur his journey.

Picture 20. The Bodhisatta arrives at Uruvela Senanigama to undertake his practice.

Picture 21. The Bodhisatta undertakes self fortune with five disciples.

Picture 22. Sujata offers milk rice to the Bodhisatta.

Picture 23. A Naga king realizes the Buddha enlighten because of his tray.

Picture 24. The Bodhisatta receives sheaves of glass from the Brahmin Sotthiya.

Picture 25. The Bodhisatta sits under the “bodhi seat”; Mara and his armies drive him.

Picture 26. Mother Earth squeezes her hair, making a great ocean sweep away Mara’s armies.

Picture 27. The Buddha is enlightened at dawn; the devas dance in his honor.

Picture 28. Mara’s daughters try luring the Buddha in vain.

Picture 29. A naga king coils around the Buddha.

Picture 30. The Four Great Kings offer the Buddha a bowl.

Picture 31. Two merchants offer the Buddha dried rice cakes.

Picture 32. The Buddha is disinclined to teach, but Sahampati Brahma requests him.

Picture 33. Reflecting on different natural beings, the Buddha accepts the invitation.

Picture 34. The Buddha meets Upaka the ascetic on the way to teach the five disciples.

Picture 35. The five disciples decline to see the Buddha, but finally change their minds.

Picture 36. The Buddha gives five disciples the first sermon; the Turning of the Wheel of Dhamma.

Picture 37. Yasa meets the Buddha and receives a teaching at the Deer Park.

Picture 38. The Buddha ignores Uruvela Kassapa warnings of a fierce naga.

Picture 39. The Buddha subdues the naga king and presents to the ascetic.

Picture 40. The Buddha’s dwelling miraculously escapes a heavy flood.

Picture 41. Uruvela Kassapa announces himself the Buddha’s disciple.

Picture 42. King Bimbisara offers the Buddha the Bamboo Grove as the first Buddhist Monastery.

Picture 43. The king performs merit to his ancestors reborn as petas.

Picture 44. Venerables Moggallana and sariputta request for ordination.

Picture 45. The Buddha gives the Ovadapatimokkha discourse to Arahats’ assembly on Magha Puja Day

Picture 46. The Buddha teaches his relatives in Kapilavatthu.

Picture 47. The Buddha shows his relatives the supernormal powers.

Picture 48. The Buddha goes for alms; Bimbayasodhara told Rahula to see his father.

Picture 49. King Suddhodana invites the Buddha to take the meal.

Picture 50. Princess Bimba pines over the Buddha; he goes to see her in her palace.

Picture 51. Nanda accompanies the Buddha back to the monastery.

Picture 52. Rahula expresses love and devotion to the Buddha.

Picture 53. The Buddha bequeaths the treasure of Nibbana to Rahula.

Picture 54. The Buddha guarantees Nanda on practising the Dhamma before attaining his wish.

Picture 55. Devadatta impresses Prince Ajatasattu with some psychic powers.

Picture 56. Devadatta’s archers don’t kill the Buddha, but listen to his teaching.

Picture 57. Devadatta repents his wrongdoing and asks for forgiveness.

Picture 58. The Buddha’s foster mother offers cloth, the Buddha gives to Venerable Ajita.

Picture 59. The Buddha forbids his paternal and maternal relatives from warring over the water supply.

Picture 60. King Suddhodana is ill; the Buddha stays with him until attains Arahatship and passes away.

Picture 61. Queen Pajapati Gotami leads the Sakyan ladies to ordain as nuns

Picture 62. The Buddha performs miracles to trounce other ascetics’ sects.

Picture 63. The Buddha spends the rains retreat in the Tavatimsa heaven.

Picture 64. On Pavarana day, the Buddha descends from Tavatimsa heaven.

Picture 65. The Buddha opens the worlds, hell beings and humans to see each other.

Picture 66. The Buddha spends a rains retreat at the palilaya forest.

Picture 67. Mara invites the Buddha to pass away on his 45th rains retreat.

Picture 68. The Buddha announces to Ananda that he’s renounced his life in three months.

Picture 69. The Buddha turns to view Vesali for the last time after returning from alms.

Picture 70. The sixth lunar month, the Buddha takes his last meal at Cunda’s house.

Picture 71. Traveling to Kusinara, the Buddha is thirsty and has Ananda fetch water for him.

Picture 72. Pukkusaputta the Mallian passes by and offers fine golden robes

Picture 73. Anada prepare a place for the Buddha to lie down.

Picture 74. Venerable Anada stands holding the door bolt and cries over the Blessed One.

Picture 75. The Buddha gives the wanderer Subhadda a teaching.

Picture 76. The Buddha exalts the Teaching and Disciple before passing away.

Picture 77. The unenlightened monk disciples cry on the Buddha’s passing away.

Picture 78. Maha Kassapa pays his last respects before lighting up the funeral pyre.

Picture 79. Dona the brahmin divides the relics to the brahmins and lords of eight cities.

Picture 80. Venerable Maha Kassapa and noble monks convene a great council.  


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