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CMMU Faculty Presented Sufficiency Economy Business Research at the House of Parliament


On 17 June 2013, Associate Professor Dr. Sooksan Kantabutra, Chief Researcher, Leadership Research Group, College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU), and Program Chair of Leadership & Human Resource Management at CMMU, was invited by the Committee on Education, Religion, Arts and Culture Group to deliver a presentation on obstacles and strategy for Sufficiency Economy movement in the Thai business sector at the House of Parliament.

Dr. Kantabutra presented findings from a decade of research, including Sufficiency Economy Business Standard, and suggested a strategy on how the Thai government should move forward to promote the adoption of the Sufficiency Economy philosophy in the Thai business sector to ensure the nation's sustainable development.

His key strategic directions are as follows:

1.The Stock Exchange of Thailand should develop a Sufficiency Economy index to promote sustainable development among listed companies.
2.The Ministry of Finance should provide tax incentives for Sufficiency Economy businesses.
3. Financial institutions should provide a special interest rate for Sufficiency Economy businesses.
4. Thai business schools should re-evaluate their curriculum if they are consistent with the philosophy and adjust them accordingly.

According to the Committee, these findings and strategic directions will be submitted to the Thai government. The presentation has been attended by members of the parliament, students, media and the general public.



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